The Advantages of Having Water Softeners and Filters in Phoenix

In phoenix water softener installation can be performed by suppliers of various treatment systems. Many area residents prefer to have the work done by experienced plumbers who are very knowledgeable about water treatment systems.

Ion Exchange and Recharging

Chemically, the way the softening equipment works is through ion exchange. Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium are caught in a tank of resin beads that have been charged with sodium ions. Gradually, the beads become saturated with minerals and must be flushed and recharged. Most newer softening systems recharge after a certain number of gallons have been used instead of once a week. That was traditionally the way softeners worked before computerized equipment became prevalent.

Reasons to Remove Minerals From Tap Water

In regard to water softeners scottsdale, residents should understand that hard minerals in tap water are not exactly contaminants. These minerals actually are essential for human health, which is why so many individuals take vitamin and mineral supplements.

However, dissolved minerals in tap water can cause problems and inconveniences around the home. They interact with soap and cause scum. They reduce the effectiveness of soap, leading people to use more of it. They leave scaly residue behind as water evaporates in sinks and around fixtures. Scale accumulation can shorten the lifespan of washing machines and water heaters.

The Long Run

Although recharging the system costs a certain amount of money in extra water use, electricity and salt tablets for the tank, in the long run, water softeners in scottsdale save money for homeowners. Their water-using appliances last longer, and residents use less laundry detergent, body and hand soap, and shampoo.

Filter Installation

Along with water softeners phoenix, residents may want to have a sink filter or whole-house filter installed too. Softeners improve the quality of hard water but cannot remove all substances that area residents don't like having in their drinking water. Companies like Allegiance Water Services install softeners and filters. Customers can have both projects completed at the same time if they would like.

Some people do not like fluoride in the water, for example. The City of Phoenix does add this chemical to water because doing so may help prevent tooth decay. In addition, chlorine is used to sanitize the municipal water supply. A certain amount of chlorine in tap water is considered safe, but not everyone is comfortable this. The right types of whole-house and sink filters remove those substances.